Our goal at the Health & Wellness Center is to provide complete and comprehensive family medical care.  In a medical era where the traditional medicine physicians diagnose a condition then prescribe drugs to attempt to eliminate the symptoms, our emphasis is on restoring healthy body function and preventing future illness.

We focus on understanding the complex connections between the various body systems, and using this foundation to provide complete care. We get to the underlying reasons for why the patient became ill and how to permanently resolve their symptoms and restore wellness.

Our doctors have extensive training in alternative medicine including Naprapathy, Speleotherapy, Nutrition, and Herbal Therapy.  We utilize Traditional Medicine and Alternative Therapies in a complementary, integrated manner in order to provide our patients with the best treatment to achieve and maintain high level of health & wellness.

At Health & Wellness Center, we know that our patients are busy individuals, and we respect their time. For this reason, we choose to work with a smaller panel of patients than most healthcare facilities, allowing us to minimize wait times and to maximize time spent with each patient. Offering this kind of basic respect is our way of restoring human dignity to the medical profession.

Also at Health & Wellness Center, we offer high quality, yet very affordable skin care services (LHE hair removal, acne treatment, psoriasis care, microdermabrasion), a variety of massage services, detoxification programs, and more!


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